A Truly Romantic Wedding

We feel privileged to work with clients who bring amazing design visions to the table that are across the board. After all, one person's definition of romantic may be the utter opposite of the next person's. It is up to us to interpret those hopes and dreams and bring them to fruition. 

The wedding reception you are about to see had to be one of our most romantic of 2012. It was a logistical challenge to be sure. We thought the results were worth the hundreds of hours spent on designing and implementing their specific vision.

The festivities began with the cocktail hour

which turned into a fabulously dramatic space after dark. 
(Thank you, Ben Starett.)

The dinner and dancing portion of the evening took place a short stroll away, down either sets of garden steps and through the covered walkway.

The large tent was draped with swags of organdy, accented with chandeliers and made cozy by the multiple tiers of twinkling candlelight. 

The casual elegance of the evening was reflected in the combination of long, wood farm tables and round tables with formal linens. Casual seating and a fire pit nearby for impromptu conversations added to the candlight romance.

The sumptuous, blowsy roses in a subtle range of blush to pink were designed in petite estate vases and accented by touches of gold. Crystal candelabrum added glistening elegance to the tables

The soft blush bridal bouquet rests next to the lush centerpiece on the sweetheart table.

The evening was simply magical!


Historic Beauty

We recently were part of a lovely ceremony in one of Cleveland's hidden gems,  Saint Paul Shrine (officially known as the Church of the Conversion of St. Paul). 

Although St. Paul Shrine is rather petite in size (as churches go), its interior details are stunning. It was originally built in 1875. In 1930, the recently vacated church was given to the  Poor Clare nuns, where the sisters pray 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

The intimate, humble beauty of the structure was a beautiful setting for the ceremony.

Here are a few peeks at the church before we arrived. 

Stay tuned for the wedding reception... 


Blue velvet

It is not a frequent occurrence to work with a truly creative person. While the brides we have the pleasure to work with usually know what they want and are full of good ideas, many rely on Pieter to interpret their wishes in detail. 

Traci was very creative. And detailed. And not only was she able to verbally describe what she envisioned, she possessed the talent to sketch out what was in her head. 

She began with the ceremony's chuppa setting. Navy blue columns with crisp white molding, a chandelier in the middle and urns filled with white, vertically standing flowers flanking the chuppa steps. The flickering candlelight down the aisle needed to decrease in height from back to front. To be exact. And that is just what we did!

Pieter chose a rich, navy velvet for the chuppa columns with deep blue voile tiebacks. The backdrop reflected the blue and white color scheme, with blue velour and white batiste. Tall, white hybrid delphinium stems filled the limestone urns.

The lovely bride carried a bouquet of soft taupe Sahara roses, accented by barely lavender roses and whimsical calcynia. Her attendants carried ivory roses.

  The bridal sweetheart table sat in a charming setting, complete with its own chandelier.

The reception flowers continued the lightly taupe and blush flower scheme, with glittering candlelight setting the evening's romantic mood.

Thank you, Traci, for your passion and creativity. 
We certainly enjoyed the challenge you presented us with!

Thank you, New Image Photography, for your always superlative photos.


Beauty and the Birch

A mid summer wedding meant white and natural to this bridal couple. 
We complied with a stunning tent tastefully decorated with white in a variety of media.

Pieter's staff hollowed out birch logs to use as both the centerpiece vessels and the votive candle holders.

Featuring deep purple as the accent color to the white, various flowers were combined in the birch logs. Phalaenopsis orchid stems and purple clematis provided the whimsy.

Roses of various sizes, scented freesia, pure white lisianthus tipped with purple and white phlox were also included.

Have you ever seen a deep green, curly hydrangea? It's peeking out below on the right.

One of our favorites was the white phal (below) speckled with purple.

The party went on until the wee hours!


On the Lake

Beautiful weather, a beautiful setting, a cozy gathering of friends and family: we are appreciative of our wonderful clients.

This particular party was in the outdoor living area of the home, overlooking Lake Erie.

Even though there was a rather brisk wind during the set-up phase of the day, the winds later calmed down and the weather cooperated.

A palette of plum, periwinkle and lavender was featured in the late spring flowers and table linens. 


Crisp, Clean, Corporate

While it may seem that all we do are weddings, we also service many other kinds of events.

Recently we worked with CWRU and their wonderful staff to assist with the ground breaking of their new student center, 
the Tinkham Veale University Center.

Here are just a few of the "before" shots as we finished the preparations for the big moment. The colors chosen were representative of CWRU; the look was clean.

No boring stage edge here. Instead, the beautiful, organic look of grass was effectively employed.

The groundbreaking moments themselves were breathtaking!


Picking Peonies

The Studio likes to support local flower growers whenever possible. We have a few fabulous greenhouse growers, but the folks with flower farms in the Northeast Ohio area are few and far between.

We were lucky enough to harvest peonies from a few fields, however!

Guess who?

Peony season is now pretty much done. 
Here's to next year!